20-Year-Old UFC Strawweight Paige VanZant Going to Prove She’s ‘Not Just a Pretty Face’

February 9, 2015
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With only five professional fights, and just one under the UFC banner, 20-year-old women’s strawweight Paige VanZant has gained national attention.

She’s a promising up-and-coming fighter training out of one of the best camps in the country, Team Alpha Male. While she has an aggressive, high-paced, fan-friendly style, a good portion of her sudden popularity has been attributed to her genetically gifted good looks.

Part of VanZant’s UFC on Fox 15 opponent Felice Herrig’s image also centers around her sex appeal.

“I always had on the back of my mind that me and Felice would fight. because we’re the hot girls in the sport. So I kind of got myself ready for that,” said VanZant about being matched up against Herrig in a recent interview.

Being attractive never hurt anyone in any occupation, but VanZant wants to prove she’s more than just a pretty face when she takes on the No. 8 ranked Herrig on April 18 in New Jersey.

“I think me and her will always get perceived that way. I was saying that that’s what other people think about us. We were born this way. It’s nothing that we can change. It just means that we both have to prove that we’re the toughest people out there,” she said during a media scrum. “I’m going to go out there and prove that I’m not just a pretty face.”

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  • TRT-rex

    Felice Herring is not attractive. She has a mans face and broad shoulders. She has a decent ass, but that’s it. Paige is good looking

    • TheCerealKiller

      She hasn’t been punched in the face as much as Felice yet.

    • Gary Fredericks

      She has no ass to speak of. She has a very basic female figure but her ass is flat as Nebraska. She is “cute” and comes off as a slutty party girl (which is pretty cool!) and she is not a cow. That is about it.

  • Muaythai4life

    This is how this article sounded in my head:

    (best valley girl voice I can think of) “Like, I’m so totally pretty, but like, so is she. So, like, we’re the ones that are just soooo totally pretty, and like, we’re not just pretty too, but since we’re like sooo totally pretty people think like we’re only pretty. We’re not.. and truthishly, we are pretty, okay? So like, yeah”.

  • Jake

    What about Cat Zingano?
    She’s HOTT!!!

    • Gary Fredericks

      I agree….from the chin down and the eyebrows up sort of way.

    • JJDNB


  • Gary Fredericks

    Come on guys! Paige is pretty hot, but NOT in the facial area! It’s by no means Lucia Rijker ugly by any stretch, but dang, I can think of a few prettier faces in WMMA…..Tate, Carano, even the waterheaded Rousey has a prettier face. Her face is average So-Cal tweener. Trust my old man vision…she has reached “peak hottness” and is at the beginning of her downfall in looks. Revisit my post in 5-10 years and I’d bet she will look older than her years.

  • VanZant

    What an egotistical, stupid thing to claim. She’s kinda ugly.

  • Ol’ Rooter

    I gotta wait until April??? Phuq That Shieat!!!1!

  • StopFitchn

    Carla Esparza has been crying nonstop about this this little hotty Paige VanZant. She tried to act like she’s just pissed that no one including Reebok wants to sponsor her but we all know she’s just jealous because Paige is hot and she looks like a “””””””””””” see below


    • JJDNB

      Ah I’d say Paige is the one that looks like a troll doll

      • StopFitchn

        I guess you haven’t seen Carla without make up. That doll looks exactly like Carla and you know it. Except the doll is much taller