Seventeen Fighters That Are Picking Chris Weidman to Upset Anderson Silva at UFC 162

July 2, 2013
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UFC 162 Poster-RED-478x270Anderson Silva’s reign of terror over the middleweight division began with a three-minute mauling of Rich Franklin in October 2006. In the seven years since, “The Spider” has barely been challenged inside the Octagon, turning away a Who’s Who in the 185-pound and even 205-pound divisions.

However, a growing number of experts expect that challenge to finally emerge in the form of undefeated No. 1 contender Chris Weidman at UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman on July 6 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Leading Las Vegas oddsmakers make the 9-0 Weidman the shortest underdog to face Silva in over five years, since then-reigning PRIDEFC champion Dan Henderson collided with the Brazilian back in March 2008. The sportsbooks believe a Weidman victory this Independence Day Weekend is more likely than a Chael Sonnen victory was at last summer’s Independence Weekend event, despite Sonnen having famously dominated Silva for four-plus rounds in a previous bout.

And UFC president Dana White said: “Every fighter out there that I’ve talked to and every fighter we’ve interviewed thinks Weidman is going to beat Anderson. All the pros think this is the biggest challenge Anderson has ever faced in the UFC. These are the guys who know the sport, the pros, and they are all saying Weidman could really shock the world. This is a huge fight in the middleweight division.”

Here some of the biggest names in the UFC weigh in on what could be the upset of the year.

Chael Sonnen (two-time title UFC middleweight title challenger to Anderson Silva)

“Listen, he has two wins over me, it does me no good at all to bash Anderson publically now that our thing is over. But that’s not what I am doing here. I think Anderson is an excellent fighter, an awesome fighter, but he’s just not winning this fight.

“I think Weidman takes Anderson down at will, I think he blows past Anderson’s guard, and I think he finishes him. Taking Anderson down isn’t a hard thing to do. Chris will get to Anderson’s head, hurt him with ground and pound, and submit Anderson within three rounds with a D’arce choke or similar. Weidman is a younger version of me – and a better version when it comes to aspects like top game. I took Anderson down repeatedly, and while I punched him all night, I don’t have the submissions Weidman has. Weidman is going to have the same success I had with a ground attack but then he’s going to choke Anderson.

“The seven-year reign is over. That’s genuinely what I feel.”

Ronda Rousey (reigning UFC women’s bantamweight champion)

“I think Anderson Silva is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but Weidman is the absolute worst possible matchup for him. It’ll definitely be interesting and I’m excited to see what happens on the night.”

Matt Serra (former UFC welterweight champion, trains BJJ with Weidman)

“Chris is going to shock a lot of people. The combination of Chris’s skillset, which is a bad matchup for Anderson on any day, and his mentality to win is going to result in a huge win. Everyone sees what this kid has skill-wise, and Chris doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. He’s a beast, he’s an animal. He will take this fight to Anderson Silva – but unlike some of the other guys, he will do it with aggression and skills. He’s the complete fighter to beat Anderson.”

Miesha Tate (former women’s bantamweight champion, No.3 UFC contender)

“Chael Sonnen almost beat Anderson based on being a wrestler. And Weidman is a more dynamic wrestler than Sonnen – and Weidman doesn’t get caught in submissions. Weidman’s wrestling definitely gives him a chance.”

Georges St-Pierre (two-time and reigning UFC welterweight champion)

“I believe it’s a bad matchup for Anderson Silva. Very bad, style wise. Anderson’s weaknesses are Weidman’s strengths. I’ve trained with Weidman and his wrestling is on another level. Not only is Chris Weidman going to beat Anderson Silva, I believe he’s going to finish Anderson. I believe it’s not going to last too long, this fight. This fight will shock a lot of people. I’ve trained with Weidman and I know how good he is. He will be the champion. Anderson is smart, though, and is fighting Chris after a long layoff for injury. That’s why it is important for Weidman to have a great camp. But if Weidman gets though camp with no problems, he will win this fight.”

Kenny Florian (UFC Tonight host, three-time UFC title challenger)

“Weidman is going to be Anderson’s biggest challenge. Weidman is a guy who can take you down, has a tremendous ground and pound game and has excellent submissions as well. I think his D’Arce choke can pose a lot of problems for Anderson Silva when the fight hits the ground. The way Anderson tries to get to his feet – and the way Weidman controls opponents on the ground using their heads – will leave Anderson very vulnerable to the D’Arce.

“If you look at what my UFC Tonight co-host Chael Sonnen did to Silva – he won all five completed rounds over two fights – and not just kinda slightly won. He dominated, and Weidman is a bigger, stronger, younger and harder-hitting version of Chael. I don’t think there is any fighter in the world who can hope to beat Anderson on the feet, but I think Weidman can and will get this to the ground and, once there, I expect him to be in a huge position to win the fight.”

Michael Bisping (No. 4 ranked middleweight contender)

“With Weidman, I think he’s got a hell of a shot at becoming the new champion. Anderson Silva is the greatest of all time but, believe me; Weidman has a very bad style for him. A nightmare style, really. Weidman will be able to take Anderson down, and do serious damage when he does so. Weidman has a great ground game, and that’s where Anderson has shown vulnerabilities. Chael Sonnen took Anderson down at will and Anderson hardly ever got himself up; he had to wait for the end of the round. When I fought Chael I got up every time and punched him in the face. Anderson is the best fighter of all time, but his weakness is wrestling and Weidman is at least as good as Chael in that area.

“Also, you have to factor in that Anderson has been doing this for a very long time now. He’s put his body through a lot in the gym over the years and we all get old eventually. Beating guys like one-legged Canadians and broken down, semi-retired light heavyweights is one thing, but if Weidman can back his mouth up and really take the fight to Anderson I think he can do this.”

Gray Maynard (two-time UFC lightweight title challenger)

“If anyone is going to beat Anderson Silva, and stop this guy retiring with the belt, undefeated in the UFC, for sure it is Chris Weidman. Weidman is the only guy I can point to in the division and go ‘This guy can do it, this guy can beat Anderson’.”

Daniel Cormier (No. 2 ranked UFC heavyweight contender)

“I am always partial to wrestlers, but I honestly think Weidman has the tools to win this fight. Anderson is the greatest of all-time, but Weidman has the blueprint set by Chael Sonnen. It’s not like he has to spend a round or two figuring out what he has to do to win. Just follow the game plan that Chael had success with: take Anderson down and pound on him. I think Anderson’s takedown defense has improved over the years, but Chris is such a good wrestler he will get the job done. I pick Weidman by decision.”

Frank Mir (two-time UFC heavyweight champion)

“Anderson has shown one weakness – he can be controlled on the ground by powerful wrestlers – and Weidman is the most powerful wrestler there is in the division. Everyone is making the comparison to Chael Sonnen, but while Chael controlled Anderson on the ground and landed shots, he couldn’t hurt Anderson and that was his undoing. Weidman can hurt Anderson with ground and pound and he can submit Anderson.

“The only way I see Weidman not winning is if he has a macho thing where he has illusions of striking with the best striker in the world. But I think he’s too smart for that.  I’m not just saying he’s got a great shot, I am picking Weidman to win.”

Alan Belcher (UFC middleweight contender)

“Weidman has all tools; on paper he can do this. Anderson always seems to find a way to win, but everyone is human, and style wise, I don’t like this for Anderson. Weidman’s really good on the top, and he could sub Anderson. He’s that good on the ground. What worries me about Weidman is he knows just enough to get himself into trouble on the feet. He is just good enough to land a shot or two and think he can win standing up. But he can’t. No one can beat Anderson standing. Weidman has to get this to the ground, and when that happens it is Chris Weidman’s fight, Chris Weidman’s world. If this hit the floor in the first round, it is going to be insane because Weidman could sub Anderson Silva in the very first round.”

Roger Gracie (UFC 162 fighter, middleweight)

“Weidman’s grappling is at a very high level. He has some very good submissions. He can put a lock on anyone – any world class grappler. I think he’s that good that he can tap anyone, including me or Anderson Silva.”

TJ Grant (No.3 contender, UFC lightweight title)

“Personally, I feel Weidman has the tools to win. He’s young, confident and his grappling is on a completely different level. You never want to pick against Anderson Silva, but I give a slight edge to Weidman.”

Luke Rockhold (No.7 UFC middleweight contender)

“This is a 50/50 fight. I’ve not thought that about an Anderson fight in a long time, but this can go either way.”

John Moraga (No.4 flyweight contender)

“I’m going out of a limb and say Weidman is taking him out. He is real determined and confident and that’s the key to beating a legend. Weidman is going to let it all go, and I think his style is all wrong for Anderson. I can see Weidman dominating, actually.”

Rick Story (UFC welterweight contender)

“I can see Weidman grinding out a points win by controlling most of the fight on the ground. Ask Chael Sonnen, five rounds is a long time not to make a mistake in Anderson’s guard, but Chris is so young and hungry I think he can do it.”

Johny Hendricks (No.1 welterweight contender)

“Anderson doesn’t like to start fast but I think in this fight he needs to get going early. Weidman is coming off a long layoff and Anderson should take advantage, jump on him, and go for the first round KO. But if Weidman gets to the later rounds, his wrestling and being so young will take over. I think Weidman has the style and the skills to win this fight and I pick him to win a decision.”

Dominick Cruz (UFC bantamweight champion, FOX Sports Analyst)

“Weidman can absolutely do it. But against Anderson Silva the pressure is on not to make a mistake while he uses his strikes to set up a takedown. That is the critical thing for Weidman. I’ve spent some time with Chris, he’s a smart dude, and he knows he’s not going to try to strike with Anderson. And he has to be conscious of that fact: Striking wise, Weidman cannot compete against Anderson on any level. At all. The reason he was able to land that elbow against Mark Munoz was Munoz was trying to set up for a takedown just as much as Weidman was and, knowing that, Weidman was waiting for the overhand right and that allowed him to land that elbow. He cannot land anything like that against Anderson.

“Weidman has to have the exact same game plan as Chael Sonnen; everyone is saying that is the blueprint for him to win this fight. But here’s the problem: Anderson had two fights with Chael and has had over 30 minutes of Octagon time with that exact strategy. Anderson went through at least two camps expecting that to be his opponent’s strategy. Anderson’s takedown defense is light years away from where it was even two years ago. Remember, takedown defense is only one aspect of one discipline in MMA – and it is one of the easiest aspects to improve on.

“But Weidman can still get him down. Anderson takes anything from a minute to half a round to figure out his opponent’s distance and timing, and Chris has to make use of that to score a takedown. Once he has Anderson down, he can strike very well, and I expect him to pass and force Anderson into a scramble. Anderson usually waits in his guard for a chance to escape or counter, but Chris hits hard enough and is active enough to force Anderson to try to get back up fast. That’s where I see Weidman winning the fight, in the scramble as Anderson tries to get back up.”

Frankie Edgar (Former UFC lightweight champion)

“Gotta go with the East Coast boy Weidman. He’s the whole package. Anderson has fought good wrestlers, but Chris has got great jiu-jitsu and a solid standup game as well.”

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  • silvas daddy

    Silva and munoz used to spar and munoz dominated sessions, so much so that munoz called out silva.silva stated, i dont understand, we are friends. “I say you a fighter then fight. Silva was ducking munoz. Then silva seen weidman destroy munoz and decided to duck weidman for over a year til forced to fight him even though the whole time weidman was clearly number one contender. Silva himself lacks confidence in himself in this matchup.weidman wins this 1st ko via gnp

    • What?

      What are you wiedman boyfriend? You commented with the same thing everytime, sheesh get off his balls.

      • #1mmafan.

        You get off Silva’s bandwagon balls!!! Buff said!!!

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        Yeah that’s probably the.most annoying post in history considering it’s also not true

      • silvas daddy

        Thank you for reading all my writings.i count you as my biggest fan, almost borderline stalking. You must like big men

    • Iamlazaruz316

      I’ve heard this song before. Does it not sound familiar? Rashad was so certain he would own jon jones like he did in practice, but when the cage was closed, it was open mouth insert elbow. evans looked like a bad joke for 25 mins. Listen, munoz was likely rusty and out of shape after a long lay off, nothing against chris.Not too long ago silva was accused of ducking chael too. it was because of chaels wrestling the “blue print” to beat silva. in a fight anything can happen. I refuse to discount chris’ chance of winning, but i’m certain the champs experience should count for something 37 fights to 9 fights. in between fighting decorated wrestlers like hendo and chael and a couple of bjj experts too. I would have liked to see atleast 3 of his peers give silva the nod here. It’s almost like a desperate ploy to promote a fight.

    • zztoppppp

      I honestly had to read this like 4 times to try and comprehend it. After you pass 9th grade English, get off of Weidman’s nuts. Yes, he has a decent shot in this fight, but so had almost everyone else that Anderson has fought, and we see how well all of those turned out.

      • Werdoomb

        silvas daddy can’t write English. I bet you he is either a young kid or a sad sad grown up or a foreigner.

        • zztoppppp

          Get off my balls.i dont need your backup, freak!

          • MMAreality

            I think that a lot people on this forum like balls. I wish some people could have more intelligent discussions.

      • tyrone

        You are stupid, that may explain why you had to read it 4 times

    • Baller31

      Look, what happens in practice isn’t what counts and doesn’t mean anything. No one thinks Munoz would actually beat Silva. That said, I agree with most of the fighters here that Weidman has a very good chance of pulling off a huge upset.

  • brazil for ever

    17 loosers lololololol, ok ok ok
    16 loosers,let’s give ronda a break.

    • Derek Clelland

      A lot of those answers are taken out of context Rhonda’s actually backing Silva so is Gracie!

      • Kris-tyahn

        Actually Rhonda said she “hopes” Silva wins, but thinks Weidman could win. Se hopes Silva wins, but se didn’t predict a winner. Gracie was basically the same thing, he thinks Weidman can win, but if he had to bet, he’d pick Silva! He didn’t predict a winner! So te author if this article and you are wrong!

        • Derek Clelland

          Hopes he wins eh is that no the same as backing him & Gracie did pick Silva to win thats what people mean when they say “if i had to bet” no difficult really!

    • Bob

      Pretty sure it’s “losers”, but for mouth-breathers – who really cares, eh?

  • hybe

    I agree, this fight is Weidman’s to lose…

    • Raymond Gonzalez

      That shouldn’t be a problem. Go watch the last 2 fights for both guys.

  • Derek Clelland
  • Derek Clelland
  • solo


  • david

    Ronda Rousey said she was picking Silva to win this fight. This leads me to believe that whoever wrote this is making some of it up. I like this website and i go off alot of its information. So please stop forging articles just to get readers.

    • Derek Clelland

      I tried to post that article earlier but it didn’t get put up! Also Gracie’s backing Silva as is Bisping! Bad journalism!

    • Maddawgmar

      You are incorrect, she said she was rooting for Silva to win. In this she basically says Weidman is a bad matchup for him. Not saying she is rooting for Weidman

      • Derek Clelland

        So she doesn’t actually pick Weidman to win then as the article states!

        • Werdoomb

          NOPE. the article is a joke.

          Many of the quotes above are taken out from the following context:

          “[something good about Anderson]. [the above quote]. But I have to go with the champ on this one, although it is a tough pick.”

        • Maddawgmar


        • why are you so flustered? Ronda’s opinion won’t have any impact on the fight.

          • Derek Clelland

            Flustered? Was just stating example’s of were the article was wrong/misleading!

      • Manuel Lopez

        Who gives a damn! You’re all gonna argue now about who’s really going for whom in the fight? As for the guy making count of the losers… Cormier is no loser. He’s undefeated in fact.

        • fsunoles10

          if you’re gonna put an article on a fairly well known mma site with the title blank amount of fighters are picking this guy and then name off fighters that didnt make the pick you say they did than yea thats a problem. not only is it unprofessional to leave who ultimately was their picks but like i said this is a fairly well known mma site and im sure a few of these fighters will end up seeing it which isnt a very good look for the site itself in terms of credibility and all that.

          • Manuel Lopez

            It’s not the end of the world man. At the end of the day the best man will win.

        • Usmc8408

          He cares cause he can, damn! It’s an article open for comments, whys it so wrong to post opinions and thoughts. That’s the point of this whole thing

    • zztoppppp

      The writer is leaving out segments of these interviews, making it sound like all of these people think Weidman will own Silva, when they actually just said that he has a chance to win.

      • Werdoomb

        Come up for air off that sack

    • deepgrim

      yeah think the quotes are only part of what ronda and bispling said about the match up

  • KingLettuce

    Silva losing is like dividing by zero.

    • Werdoomb

      As the denominator reaches zero, the product reaches infinity. Are you saying that Silva’s chance of losing is great? Or, are you trying to say that Silva can’t lose?

      In any case, get your math straight before saying doomb stuff.

      • KingLettuce

        You can’t divide by zero, dumbass. Learn some basic math before spouting off like you know something.

  • Derek Clelland

    “A fight is a fight & anything can happen but if i was to put my money down i’d put it on Anderson Silva” Roger Gracie #dailytelegraph

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    These guys are nuts! Why do people keep saying Weidman is a better wrestler than Chael? That’s just not true. Some of these guys aren’t even saying Weidman will win. Some of the others are just rooting for Weidman because he’s east coast. THis isn’t a list of fighters with intelligent insights about an intriguing matchup. This is gonna be a beatdown at the hands of Anderson Silva. I really think Weidman is great now and will be exceptional in a couple of fights, but this is not his time. This list is just plain crazy. If you don’t try to strike with Anderson, you’re gonna get KO’d. Plain and simple. Weidman needs more experience to beat Silva. It’s a shame Anderson ran everyone that would be a good opponent for Chris to LHW or WW. After Silva retires, which might be after this fight, expect to see a long line of bloated LHW’s and dehydrated WW’s knocking on Dana’s door trying to get a fight at 185.

    • Sir_Roy

      How do you state it’s not true that Weidman is just as good a wrestler as Chael (if not better)? Fact is, until they wrestle, no one can tell for sure. They both have all-American wrestling credentials. Chris was two time Division all American, NJCAA All American and a two-time NCAA Division 1 All-American. So yeah, his credentials are outstanding and speak for themselves.

      What Weidman has that Chael doesn’t is HUGE natural talent in BJJ and respectable punching power – which is to say he can actually do something aside from pillow punches once he gets Silva to the ground. Weidman qualified for and competed at the 2009 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship (with only 1 year of formal Jiu-Jitsu training). And he’s substantially improved his game since. Silva is in danger of submission on the mat with Weidman. Danger he was never in against Sonnen.

      We’d be insane to write Silva off, or not to consider him a favorite (however slight) going into this fight, but also a tad silly not to acknowledge Weidman’s legitimate threat to the throne.

      • Chicago

        I think he ment that Sonnon is a more decorated wrestler. he took 2nd in world university champs, 1st in university national champs, 3rd in Olympic team trials, 4th in world team trails, and was an Olympic alternate. and that’s only in Greco…. with that said MMA is a different sport and just because u r a great wrestler doesn’t mean it will translate over to MMA . hell look @ GSP. But when we talk about traditional wrestling sonnon takes the cake.

        • Sir_Roy

          I am aware their respective credentials … and Chael does not outshine Weidman by a terrible stretch. Where do you see Chael’s pedigree outshining Weidman’s exactly? Both were successful NCAA D1 All-American.

          Regardless, my point is you can’t claim one is better than the other with great authority until they actually compete against one another. Weidman’s found success at the same level as Chael.

          You are definitely correct though, in drawing the distinction between MMA wrestling and wrestling on its own merits. Nothing like a knee to the face to shake ones confidence in their double leg take downs.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Sonnen basically said him self that Weidman was better than him in every aspect of MMA. So how could we not believe Sonnen?! Get off Silvas but sack dude, we’ll all find out soon enough! I think Weidman should have taken a warm up fight before Silva to get the ring rust off and to test his shoulder. I see Silva winning, but Weidman will surprise many of you!

      • Sir_Roy

        While no doubt real, the advent of “ring rust” is more psychological than anything else IMHO (which can be extremely detrimental admittedly). And Weidman feels he has the head games covered. I guess we’ll see.

        If hard training, only intensified through training camp (where most fighters put the most wear and tear on their bodies to begin with) doesn’t test the waters for Weidman physically, I’m not sure an additional fight would. Personally, I’d take a title fight when I can get it. One silly mistake, and you can never be sure the opportunity will ever come again. The money a fighter can bank these days in a title fight is one hell of a nest egg in promotional revenue.

  • Anon D

    I don’t understand why mmaweekly hires illiterate and dishonest writers. Between their articles filled with misspellings and bad grammar, now we are reading an article if deception. So pathetic!!

    • Werdoomb

      They don’t “hire” illiterates. The owners are illiterates and they write their own articles.

      I’ve said this at least 20 times. I would be surprised if some of the writers had a college degree.

      I’ve seen writings of non-college grads and unfortuntely, they are very similar to the writing style seen here, poor grammar, awkward phrases, atrocious spelling mistakes. Not typos…but using than instead of then…visa versa.

      I am glad that Damon Martin is now a bleacher’s reporter, whatever that means. Ken Pishna and others should seriously consider taking writing classes.


      • Anon D

        I agree with you. But unfortunately I’ve seen college grads spell and write like 8th graders nowadays. I know… I train them at my workplace. I can understand some spelling errors when posting via mobile devices, but I’m sure these mmaweekly writers use desktop or laptops to write articles. I’m just waiting for the writer’s boyfriend to reply to us and defend the article again like a few weeks ago, or at least another quiet editing. HAHAH

    • Baller31

      You guys realize mma weekly didn’t write this article, right?? If you look at the top of the article for the source, you will see it is a press release.

  • brazil for ever

    michael bisping?he needs to stop being knock out by top fighers…then again “they “are top fighters…BISPING IS the #4 on UFCIRCUS.CAN NEVER WIN OVER A TOP 2 GUY.sorry bisping only the staff writers likes u lolololol

  • HM

    Misleading article. Ronda Rousey, for example, picked AS. Using excerpts taken out of context to substantiate claims is not serious journalism. I am sure if you think hard enough you will find something interesting and substantive to write about without having to make things up.

    • Jeff Cain

      This is a press release put out by the UFC. No one at MMAWeekly wrote it. It says “press release” in the by line. It includes 19 fighters talking about the fight. Ronda and Rockhold didn’t make picks which is why it’s titled 17 fighters picking Weidman. Ronda never made a pick, she only said she is rooting for Silva to win. Some of the fighters seem to have done a 180 on their picks like Bisping.

  • Milosc

    I think a lot of people either didn’t know, or forgot, that Silva fought Sonnen with a busted rib their first time

    For anyone who’s ever tried to ‘compete’ with such an injury, it’s evident what kind of human being he is to have even finished that fight– let alone, win

    I’m interested Weidman has so much hype, maybe, but that’s all the effect this article had on ‘my’ opinion

    • Sir_Roy

      I’d like to see where, officially, it’s proven Silva fought with a “broken” rib. A fighter, his coaches, his camp, can say anything in hindsight to promote and support their fighter. Doesn’t make it so. Coming from someone who’s actually broken a rib, I don’t care how tough you are, you don’t fight with one unless your on a disproportionate amount of painkillers. Maybe a bruised rib … I dunno. I’d like to see a medical facility report to support said claim before I even begin to give credence.

      In any case, his second bout with Sonnen was going in much the same direction. Exactly the same actually. Until Sonnen got all goofy and tried a spinning back hand against the grandmaster striker that is Anderson the GOAT Silva. So tell me, did Silva thoroughly lose the first round of their second fight due to a purportedly “broken” rib as well?

      • Werdoomb

        I doubt AS had a broken rib.

        More like bruised or slightly fractured or some other type of bad rib, AT THE MOST.

        It is really funny how low people would snoop down to hug Silva’s nuts.

    • Werdoomb

      I think you are forgetting that Silva could get another busted rib before or during Wiedman fight. 🙂

      You have no medical proof to back up that statement buddy. All you have is AS’s post-fight statement (a statement from Silva and Ed Soares 2 years after the first bout).

      Fact of the matter is, AS has traditionally been weak against wrestlers. Hendo beat AS the first round by taking it to the ground and just laying on top. Chael did the same thing.

      Wiedman can pack more serious punch than Chael and is substantially younger than Hendo.

      On the other hand, AS is the champ for a reason and he can KO Wiedman in a flash.

      Interesting fight. Definitely the biggest challenge of AS’s career.

    • Werdoomb

      Also im madly in love with silva.he is my everything

  • diazfan209

    if you had to bet your entire life savings on this fight, who would you take?

    • Werdoomb


    • MMAreality

      Nick Diaz

      • Sir_Roy


  • David Luu

    i didn’t know that there’s two April 1st in every year.

  • mic cal

    Blatant lies, hell, we’ve already seen the videos or read the articles these quotes are lifted from. Unbelievable! You lost a reader!!!! Bye bye mmaweekly

    • Jeff Cain

      Mic, this is a press release put out by the UFC.

  • bajafox

    They’re trying really hard to sell this fight.

    • Sir_Roy

      It’s working. Weidman has skills that make him a legitimate threat. And that sells fights.

      • bajafox

        He may have the skills, but he is still a nobody to the generic MMA fan.

        Only reason I’m ordering it now is because someone is going in half on it, I was planning to read about it on Sunday

  • MuayThaiFood

    Worst piece of “journalism” ever.

  • Milos Rackovic

    Anderson silva almost like Mr.Anderson from the Matrix franchise. Chris weidman just another hyped up american fighter

    • Sir_Roy

      Only I don’t remember seeing an “American” take Mr. Anderson down repeatedly and hold him there with relative ease for nearly 25 minutes. And Mr. Anderson wasn’t Cuban. Hey, did Mr. Anderson from the Matrix have a hurt rib when Neo, the other hyped up “American”, made him implode perchance?

      • Baller31

        Good metaphor…I can see Weidman as Neo, the ultimate underdog.

  • Jeff Cain

    This is a press release put out by the UFC. No one at MMAWeekly wrote it. It says “press release” in the by line. It includes 19 fighters talking about the fight. Ronda and Rockhold didn’t make picks which is why it’s titled 17 fighters picking Weidman. Ronda never made a pick, she only said she is rooting for Silva to win. Some of the fighters seem to have done a 180 on their picks like Bisping.

    • El Gvapo

      Haha mmaweekly just silenced all the nitpickers in one paragraph. I wonder if people’s ire will now switch to the UFC and their press department for their “illiteracy”?


    This article should have been titled, “17 fighters who think Weidman has a chance of upsetting Silva.” Because that’s what it is. It’s them saying he has a chance. Very few are saying they are picking Weidman over Silva, if you listen to the entire article whatever ‘journalist’ pulled this out of context quotes from. I’m going to unlike this page, after this. Bad, bad journalism. I expect better.

    • Captain Obvious

      It’s a UFC press release. You do realize this, right?

  • Werdoomb

    I have a silva blowup doll and i gots me a pump.we got a hot date tonight.we are in love with each other

  • MMAreality

    I think that people need to remember that Silva has been tested and proved by some of the best fighters out there. Weidman has not been proven to the point where anyone can really say that his skills are a bad match up for Silva. I feel that Weidman will show that he is not yet at a level that can put Silva away. Silva can be beat to a pulp and still pull out the victory. I also think that Silva should not count Weidman out. But believe that Silva we win dominantly.

    • MMAreality


  • rolando mota

    I’m sick of reading and hearing that chris is a “nightmare match up”…who gives a s*** about what it looks like on paper…fàct is anderson already owned two olympic caliber wrestlers in chael and hendo…by sub and tko…so stop pretending like this is andersons first wrestling opponent…I would fear am olympian over an all american any day and I guess everybody is overlooking andersons black belt

  • D23P

    Sad Sad Sad journalism at best.

    • Sir_Roy

      Why, because it doesn’t make every effort to hump Silva’s leg with every phrase and sing his accolades on the rooftops?

  • Spider Aragon

    Anything to sell a fight 9-0 & he gets a title fight silva within 2 rounds a punchers chance for CW if he could break a egg?? He can wrestle & BIG F””IN DEAL.

  • Teroothe

    I’m not even reading this entire article because ronda rousey picked anderson to win this fight. pretty sure it was MMAweekly that did that story too. they’re just trying to add to the hype and provide more and more inaccurate articles

  • Dave